Samantha Godfrey

President & CEO

Driven by her passion for the healthcare industry, Samantha Godfrey founded United Drug Supply in 2010. With over ten years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Samantha recognized the holes and areas which needed improvement in the pharmaceutical supply chain. She utilized her own expertise and knowledge to start UDS, a company that would revitalize supply chain simplicity and efficiency.

Combined with years of sales and business management experience, Samantha has been able to mold the company into one that carefully navigates the nuances of the healthcare industry by developing efficient ways for hospitals, pharmacies, and government agencies to access much needed pharmaceutical and medical supplies.

Through her leadership and resilience, Samantha has led the UDS team to a 256% growth rate over the past 3 years. She has established and maintained strong partnerships with a number of manufacturers and hospitals. Samantha hopes to expand these relationships by continuing to spread awareness of the critical impact that UDS plays in creating access to pharmaceuticals for patient care.