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Ross Ru® Wound Care Gel is an over-the-counter (OTC) product for topical management of minor cuts, lacerations, abrasions, first and second degree burns, and skin irritations. It is a highly effective OTC antimicrobial gel formulated with silver nanoparticles used for healing, cleaning and protecting the skin, blocking even the most resistant microorganisms.


How do silver nanoparticles work?

Silver nanoparticles placed near a fungus, or bacteria neutralize the enzymes they use to metabolize oxygen, and alter the permeability of the organism’s membrane. In a few minutes these organisms are effectively asphyxiated. It is especially effective due to its small particle size, and is being proven superior to the existing silver-based wound dressings now marketed worldwide. The silver nanoparticles do not act on host cells because there enzymes are radically different than those of the single cell microorganisms.

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Why use a gel instead of a cream?

Ross Ru® Wound Care Gel is a hydrogel which uses an inert, non-toxic, carbomer polymer to provide an optimum layered structure.  Proprietary processes create a polymer structure that allow Ross Ru® to layer on the skin in multiple micro-layers that adapt to the skin contours, each holding silver nanoparticles in suspension, providing optimal coverage and protection. Ross Ru® Wound Care Gel is colorless, virtually odorless, dries invisibly with no oily residue and requires no secondary gauze or bandage. It is non-abrasive, and will not burn or irritate skin.


Is Ross Ru® Wound Care Gel safe?

Ross Ru®’s ingredients were selected because they are not known, or even believed, to cause any allergic sensitivity. Many silver-containing skin and wound care products contain ionic silver, which have been the source of some health concerns. Furthermore other silver-based products present silver with alginates, which have shown bioaccumulation concerns, or sulfadiazine, which has allergic concerns and is not recommended for use over extensive periods of time.  Ross Ru® Wound Care Gel uses elemental silver in the form of nanoparticles. Total elemental concentrations used in Ross Ru® (1ppm) have not shown to be of any health concern even if used over long time periods. No alginates or silver salts are used in Ross Ru®.


Ross Ru® Wound Care Gel contains the following ingredients: de-ionized water, carbomer, silver nanoparticles, and sodium hydroxide (for pH adjustment only).

About the manufacturer

Ross Ru® Wound Care Gel is manufactured by bioTD’s at their USFDA Registered facilities in Heredia, Costa Rica under a quality management system (QSR) compliant with U.S 21CFR820. (FDA Establishment Registration No. 3009177678).  bioTD also complies with the EU Health Directive on facility registration under a self-declaration of ISO13485, based on its USFDA QSR compliance.  At this same facility, bioTD also manufacturers listed and approved in vitro diagnostic (primarily cytology) products for sale in the U.S., EU and other countries.