If you’ve ever met any of the UDS staff at an event, chances are it was our Maria Montoya.  She brings energy into all of her conversations which is part of what makes her a valuable asset to our team as an Account Manager.  She started in the summer of 2013 in customer service and lead generation and rapidly moved her way up to sales where she excelled. 

In addition to her duties here at work she has been a reservist in the U.S. Navy since 2010.  She is currently ranked as Petty Office 3rd Class and is posted as Master at Arms in her unit.  She recently signed up for an additional two years and has been chosen for deployment along with two other members of her unit. 

 While we are immensely proud of her dedication to her national duties, she will be missed when she leaves in September. She will be stationed in Bahrain for almost a full year with a month long training session in Texas before flying out.  For those unfamiliar with the area, Bahrain is an island in the Persian Gulf.  She is most excited about experiencing a different culture and the fact that it will be a 180 from what she is currently doing. 

 When asked about what she will miss at UDS her immediate reply was my “work husband” Michael Pickett!  After a short laugh, she went on to include the entire UDS staff and not so subtly hinted that she is expecting a care package from us through Operation Eagle. She has promised to keep us updated and has agreed to let us share her updates with you as well!

Maria we are thankful for your service to the United States!